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You may try washing again in the hottest available water temp on the label. If not, please call us for help (800)879-8433.-56 sec ago
Sorry this has happened Allyson. We are here to help. Can you please describe the stain? Is it fading, or a colored stain?-20 hours 51 min ago
So sorry, Try soaking in the hottest temp water on the tag. Then rewash. If not working, call 800-879-8433 so we can help.-21 hours 44 min ago
we are so sorry this happened! Please call us @(800)879-8433 (M-F 9-6 EST), so we can gather some info and learn more.-21 hours 46 min ago
Tide Loads of Hope está para ayudar. Podemos lavar tu ropa gratis todos los días de 9am-5pm en HEB (4800 B Hwy 365,… https://t.co/3q4C025yeF-3 days 1 hour ago