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@KHowse2014 Oh no! We promise we're not trying to take you back to the '60s! Could you give us a call at 1-800-879-8433 so we can fix this?-13 min 55 sec ago
@wittyhockey Uh, oh! Looks like you're gonna need to spend some time with us.-15 min 54 sec ago
@BrianBoone12 Shoutout to Brian for keeping it "so fresh 'n' so fine" on laundry day. #LoveYouToo-18 min 12 sec ago
@_ryanmj Every laundry day is a party to us! Just take it easy on the clean laundry sniffing. You don't want to go too hard!-20 min 11 sec ago
@MLGmangoes Ahhhh, the little things in life.-26 min 55 sec ago