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Our apologies, that's not what we want to see ! Please call us ASAP. (800)879-8433 (M-F 9-6 EST). We'd like to know more.-7 hours 14 min ago
That's certainly not what we'd expect ! Can you please contact us @ (800)879-8433 (M-F 9-6 EST) so we can learn more?-7 hours 16 min ago
That is not the results we strive for! Can you please contact us @ (800)879-8433 (M-F 9-6 EST) ? We want to learn more.-1 day 3 hours ago
We are so sorry to hear that! That's not supposed to happen. As soon as you can, please contact us @ (800)879-8433 (M-F 9-6 EST)-1 day 3 hours ago
Liz, we are very happy to have saved the day !-1 day 4 hours ago