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@spacecadet0512 Good call! Coffee drinkers everywhere need their Tide to Go pens.-4 hours 53 min ago
@nelly_luv22 We feel your stain pain. Tide to Go can make your Monday a little bit better:-5 hours 16 min ago
@spacecadet0512 That's the most poetic description of a coffee stain we've ever heard. But in case the moment's over: http://t.co/NSIHoBlVBK-5 hours 19 min ago
@grabsss Is Alyssa okay? We're going to bet that Tide to Go is the answer here: http://t.co/ouJHUDsLGs-5 hours 33 min ago
@Daniel_Shelnutt We're heard that Tide to Go pairs nicely with buffalo wing sauce stains: http://t.co/lL1oPLhIce-5 hours 37 min ago