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@Lizzabeth30 We'd be proud, too!-34 min 18 sec ago
We’re sharing stats about switching to cold water washing with Tide Coldwater Clean! http://t.co/lRtDU7XQZQ-46 min 35 sec ago
Thanks to all our fans who joined @collegeprepster for tonight's #TurntoCold Twitter party. #EarthDay-15 hours 10 min ago
RT @collegeprepster: If you have any questions about the product, please tweet @Tide or check out http://t.co/KCidcrhCi1! #TurnToCold-15 hours 25 min ago
RT @collegeprepster: Switching to cold water washing on #EarthDay and beyond can help the environment & save you money—it’s easy! #TurnToCo…-15 hours 27 min ago