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Be sure to follow all instructions https://t.co/vdC5UFVnaJ. for the rest, soak in the hottest water on the tag and rewash.-3 days 22 hours ago
So sorry, Try soaking in the hottest temp water on the tag. Then rewash. If not working, call 800-879-8433 so we can help.-3 days 22 hours ago
remove from fabric, soak in a solution of 1/2 dose of Tide per gal warm water 30 minutes then wash. Question? 1-800-879-8433.-1 week 15 hours ago
Oh no! To prevent this from happening again, dab the treated areas with a damp cloth to remove excess solution. To (cont)-1 week 15 hours ago
Since the egg stain is still there, pre-treat with Tide liquid & launder as per care tag label. Questions? 1-800-879-8433.-1 week 15 hours ago

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about 5 weeks 2 days ago