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We're sorry to hear that. Let your friend know we'd love to learn more about what happened, and we… https://t.co/aRHYbnTnHd-2 hours 32 min ago
We try our best! Glad you were able to figure it out. We’re always here to help. -8 hours 10 min ago
We always leave some air space at the top to ensure you get a proper pour, and don't end up with a… https://t.co/37oqEs984M-9 hours 8 min ago
We place health and safety above everything else, so we hope that you’re doing OK, Sophia. When yo… https://t.co/HbEa7w2y46-9 hours 35 min ago
We do have refills available in the form of Smart Pouches that can be found on eCommerce sites. However… https://t.co/KlQ8r0i1Aq-9 hours 51 min ago