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We hope you’ve fully recovered from your experience. If you’d like to reach out to us in a DM, we’… https://t.co/H5ctSrDEWH-11 hours 43 min ago
We updated our Tide Original to provide a better freshness experience particularly on dry fabrics. If y… https://t.co/vONPSIfhZH-14 hours 16 min ago
Glad you asked! The concentration of quality cleaning ingredients in Tide Simply detergents in the yello… https://t.co/k5ojFKxNr4-14 hours 30 min ago
We’re sorry to hear you’ve had this experience. Feel free to send us a DM if you’d like to discuss th… https://t.co/fesenS44ON-1 day 12 hours ago
We’re sorry to hear this. Would you mind sending us a pic of the shirt in a DM? We’ll be glad to check it out for you!-1 day 13 hours ago