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We’d hate to lose you as a member of the Tide family, and want to see how we can help. When you have a moment can you DM us?-5 hours 6 min ago
With the strength of Tide behind you, never give up! We’re glad we could help. -5 hours 11 min ago
We’d hate to have cuddling time interrupted, and hope you’re feeling better. We want to learn more ab… https://t.co/P0jI8I3Z9M-5 hours 16 min ago
We won’t share your secrets Just keep your Tide to Go handy and you’ll be looking like a Tide commercial even with those 'oops'!-22 hours 48 min ago
Sorry your wash didn’t go as expected! We’d like to learn about what happened and help. Could you send a DM?-1 day 13 min ago