Tide Newsroom




  • Manufacturers of washing machines packed boxes of Tide inside their new machines so consumers can experience the benefits of Tide the very first time they use their machines.  This marked the beginning of the automatic washing machine endorsement program.


  • No one knows for sure.  One legend is that the company president was vacationing at the beach and while taking a walk he noted how well the morning Tide cleaned the beach so well.  The Tide name carried the connotation of powerful ocean tides descriptive of Tide’s powerful cleaning ability.

  • Work began in the 1930’s but the research continued to lead to dead ends and researchers were moved to other more promising projects.  One researcher would not give up though and he continued working on the project in secret for four years!  By going against conventional wisdom, he radically increased the levels of one of the ingredients over another ingredient and it worked!!!  “Product X” as it was originally called hit the shelves as “Tide” and took the market by storm!