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  • 9/30/09 4:32 pm EDT

    Tide Coldwater® Now Also Available in “High Efficiency” Version for HE Machines

    Cincinnati, OH (September 2009) – Still think you can’t get your clothes truly clean without turning the dial to warm or hot? Leading detergent brand Tide® begs to differ. Tide Coldwater, a specially designed formula for cold water washing, challenged this notion by showing that washing in cold can be a great way to get a fresh, deep clean. Tide Coldwater helps remove the most challenging stains, even in cold water. In fact, Regular Liquid Tide Coldwater removes stains better in cold than themore...
  • 5/21/09 4:36 pm EDT

    New Tide Stain Release™

    Cincinnati, OH (May 21, 2009) – Each year, nearly $800 million in children’s clothing is either demoted to play clothes or simply thrown away due to stains. Moms invest hard earned money in their children’s wardrobes, only to see clothes ruined by stains the first time they are worn to school, a birthday party or a family gathering. To help eliminate these all-too-common scenarios, America’s leading laundry brand Tide® will introduce Tide Stain Release, a new laundry additive thatmore...
  • 8/1/08 4:16 pm EDT

    New Total Care™ Line Features A Protective Fiber Complex That Keeps Clothes Looking Beautiful Even After 50 Washes

    They say that true beauty defies age. Now the makers of Tide® and Downy® have come up with a way to help preserve and protect your beautiful clothing over time. Introducing Tide® Total Care™ and Downy® Total Care™, two new products that go beyond cleaning and softening to help maintain the color and shape of fabrics. By combining the best of Beauty and Fabric Care technologies to help maintain the beauty of clothes, Tide and Downy Total Care are elevating the standard of care tomore...
  • 6/30/08 4:34 pm EDT

    -New, Smaller Pen Provides On-the-Go Stain Removal Anywhere-

    Cincinnati, OH (June 2008) – Tide to Go has become the must-have product for “on-the-go” stain removal. Since its launch in 2005, people everywhere have embraced Tide to Go’s ability to instantly erase stains that can spoil life’s biggest moments such as job interviews, first dates and even weddings. Thousands of people have told us their stories about how Tide to Go has saved the day and prevented stain disasters and now, Tide to Go is poised to help people everywhere save each andmore...