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Media Advisory: Procter & Gamble Brings Mobile Relief to Victims of Hurricane Isaac with New P&G Relief Center, Tide Loads of Hope, Duracell Rapid Responder, and Charmin Restrooms

Mobile Showers, Restrooms and Personal Care Kits Join Laundry and Power Relief Service, bringing aid to residents affected by Hurricane Isaac


Sunday, September 2, 2012 9:10 am EDT




Services available to all families or individuals in need of showers, restrooms and personal care items as well as laundry and temporary power use in the wake of Hurricane Isaac.



Beginning Sunday, September 2nd, the P&G Relief Center will be stationed in LaPlace, Louisiana to provide showers, restroom facilities and personal care kits to victims of Hurricane Isaac. This service will be free to all victims, responders and their families.


The Mobile Relief Center will be joining P&G’s Tide Loads of Hope, which will be at the same location to provide free full service laundry to relief workers and residents, who are encouraged to drop off their laundry to be washed, dried and folded, free of charge. No bedding, jackets, or other large pieces will be accepted. Services will be available Tuesday, September 4th.


The Duracell Rapid Responder – the newest member of Duracell’s Power Forward fleet – arrived on Thursday, and is moving throughout the New Orleans area to provide power relief in the areas of greatest need. At each truck stop, people will have access to charging lockers for mobile devices, computers, WiFi and a battery distribution center to help them reconnect with loved ones and stay powered up when they need it most.


Charmin Restrooms will also be deployed for the first time to aid in the disaster relief and will be in a separate location to provide additional bathrooms and showers for those looking to meet basic needs and freshen up.



We know that in the wake of a disaster, many of the simple things like clean teeth, clean clothes, a shower and making a phone call to loved ones become difficult. Recent storms have devastated parts of the country and have forced many residents from their homes, leaving them without basic needs and resources. So, in an effort to help restore a sense of normalcy, we are expanding P&G’s Mobile Relief efforts to include mobile units with shower and restroom facilities and Personal Care Kits. Our people and our brands are joining together to help relief workers and families whose homes, clothing and personal items have been impacted and to help renew a sense of hope in a difficult time.



P&G Relief Center & Tide Loads of Hope: 300 West Airline Highway, LaPlace, LA in front of the Home Depot


Duracell Rapid Responder: at the Home Depot with Tide & the Relief Center from 8AM-10AM daily and visiting other locations of need upon request


Charmin Restrooms: 1633 West Airline Highway LaPlace, LA 70068, in front of the Family Dollar



P&G Mobile Relief Center: Opening Sunday, September 2nd at 12PM, hours: 8AM-6PM


Tide Loads of Hope: Opening Tuesday, September 4th, hours: 8AM-6PM


Duracell Rapid Responder: Currently in the area, will be on-site at Home Depot 8AM-10AM daily


Charmin Restrooms: Opening Midday Sunday, September 2nd, hours: 8AM-6PM


We expect to stay on location for about 5 days or, until the immediate needs of the local population are met.  If we find that the demand for our services is continuing, we will try to stay until people’s need are being met by more long-term services.  Once we find that the demand for these services is low and people no longer need our help, we’ll provide 24 hours notice before we discontinue services and leave the area. For ongoing recovery updates, follow us on Twitter @ProcterGamble, @TideLoadsofHope, @Duracell and @Charmin or “Like” us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ProcterGamble, www.facebook.com/Tide, www.facebook.com/Duracell, and www.facebook.com/Charmin



P&G has a long history of responding to natural disasters. Seven years ago, we launched Tide Loads of Hope, to provide much needed free laundry services to families affected by Hurricane Katrina. Today, the program includes the Tide Loads of Hope truck outfitted with 32 energy-efficient Frigidaire® Affinity™ washers and dryers. Collectively, Tide has washed over 49,000 loads of laundry for more than 35,000 families impacted by disasters since the program launched. Duracell brings its reliable power to communities affected by disasters through the Duracell Power Relief program. Trailers, trucks and stationary units allow victims of natural disasters to recharge, reconnect and recover by providing the power they need to stay safe and connected with what’s most important to them. Today we’re launching our newest efforts - the P&G Mobile Relief Centers and Charmin Restrooms – as part of our overall effort to touch and improve lives in the wake of disasters.



Personal Care Kits and Mobile Relief include: Always, Secret, Pantene, OralB, Crest, Ivory, Tide, Duracell, Gillette, Old Spice, Head & Shoulders, Pampers, Aussie, Mr. Clean, Febreeze, Swiffer and Charmin.



People across the country can help support Tide Loads of Hope by purchasing a Tide Loads of Hope vintage tee by visiting www.tideloadsofhope.com. All profits from the tees go towards helping families affected by disaster.


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