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Procter & Gamble Professional™ Redefines Commercial Laundry Care with New Tide® Professional Laundry System Innovations

Latest Offerings Protect Colors and Keep Fabrics More Like New, Even After 30 Cycles


Monday, November 14, 2011 8:00 am EST



Public Company Information:

"With the introduction of the Tide Professional Laundry System we’re confident long-term care providers will enjoy the proven benefits of increased fiber longevity and professional attention to laundry staff safety, while residents will notice the improved softness and freshness of fabrics washed in our system."

CINCINNATI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CINCINNATI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Procter & Gamble Professional, the away-from-home division of Procter & Gamble (NYSE:PG), today announced the launch of Tide® Professional Color Safe Bleach, an oxygen bleach technology designed to remove tough stains at near neutral pH level to help maintain fabric vibrancy even after 30 cycles.1 Combined with P&G Professional’s other on-premise laundry products, the Tide Professional Laundry System is a unique industry offering that produces familiar softness and freshness on fabric to help create a home-like environment for consumers while they are away from home.

“Knowing that a home-like environment helps improve consumers' away-from-home experiences, the Tide Professional Laundry System offers a lineup of familiar brands through Tide, Downy and Clorox, iconic laundry solutions that have been trusted by consumers for decades. Our unique, near-neutral laundry system offers high performance products specially designed for the commercial laundry industry,” said Eric Hetrick, P&G Professional North America Commercial Director. “The latest addition to the Tide Professional Laundry System not only creates a nostalgic, home-like experience for consumers, it also underscores P&G Professional’s commitment to help businesses thrive through cutting-edge technology that extends linen life, rejuvenates fabric appearance and helps protect overall linen investments.”

P&G Professional’s enhanced Tide Professional Laundry System was developed to improve the performance of on-premise laundry operations by incorporating new cleaning technologies. Our system can help reduce total laundry operational costs2 by providing up to 55 percent savings in linen replacement costs due to worn fabrics2, while still delivering clean, bright and fresh linens and clothing. The Tide Professional Laundry System encompasses a complete suite of commercial products, including:

  • Tide Professional Color Safe BleachNEW! Oxygen bleach technology that cleans tough stains while keeping fabric colors vibrant.
  • Tide 2X Professional Detergent – Laundry detergent that uses proprietary enzymatic technology to deliver Tide’s signature clean.
  • Tide Professional Whiteness Enhancer – Non-bleach rinse aid with Triple Action Whiteness Technology to rejuvenate fabrics while reducing the dinginess that happens over time.
  • Downy Professional Fabric Softener – Dye- and perfume-free fabric softener that delivers noticeable softness without dyes or perfumes.
  • Clorox® Bleach – Laundry bleach that eliminates residual color from stains.
  • Tide Professional Greasy Stain Fighter – Helps prevent greasy food stains from locking into fabric fibers.
  • Tide Professional Stain Removal Treatment – Efficient rewash powder that helps maximize linen reclamation.
  • Tide Professional Rust Remover – Treats stubborn stains like rust, tea and coffee.
  • Tide Professional Multi-Purpose Stain Remover – Effectively removes a wide variety of stains.

The Tide Professional Laundry System helps rejuvenate, protect and extend the life of linens, resulting in reduced replacement costs and helps laundry efficiency over time. Laboratory tests underscore the improvements compared to standard alkaline commercial programs:

  • Fabric Strength – Alkaline detergents can actually damage linen fibers, making them weaker over time. The Tide Professional Laundry System is a non-corrosive near-neutral pH formula, which helps prevent fiber damage. Linens washed with the Tide Professional Laundry System are up to 1.5 times stronger compared to traditional alkaline systems2, and helps increase linen life and reduce premature linen replacement.
  • Vibrant Colors – The Tide Professional Color Safe Bleach removes tough stains and helps fabrics last longer and keep them more like new even after 30 cycles.1
  • Whiteness Rejuvenation – The Tide Professional Whiteness Enhancer features Triple Action Whiteness Technology that immediately starts rejuvenating old, dingy linens. In tests, dingy and yellowed linens looked noticeably whiter in just a single cycle.1

Tide Professional’s Long-Term Care Debut

In a recent poll of more than 500 professionals working in long-term care facilities across the country3, 85 percent of long-term care providers agreed that residents who are surrounded by familiar sensory experiences, such as softness or fragrances, say they feel more comfortable and at home in their long term care environment. Similarly, 82 percent of respondents reported that residents say they feel more at home in their facility when they use brands they know and trust. P&G Professional addresses these findings with the debut of its latest on-premise laundry innovations in the long-term care industry. Clothes, towels and linens washed in the Tide Professional Laundry System are noticeably Downy-soft and hold a freshness that lasts between washes.1

“Since more and more baby boomers are aging and the demand for health care is increasing, P&G identified this segment as an area where we can improve the quality of life for long-term care residents through our leading innovation in the commercial laundry industry,” continued Hetrick. “With the introduction of the Tide Professional Laundry System we’re confident long-term care providers will enjoy the proven benefits of increased fiber longevity and professional attention to laundry staff safety, while residents will notice the improved softness and freshness of fabrics washed in our system.”

Now available to on-premise laundry operators nationwide, the new P&G Professional Tide Professional Laundry System, featuring the Tide Professional Color Safe Bleach and Downy Professional, is another example of the Procter & Gamble commitment to improve the quality and operation of commercial and professional customers through product innovation. For more information on P&G Professional’s Tide Professional Laundry System, please visit TideProfessional.com.

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1 Compared to a leading alkaline laundry system in 30-cycle test with color safe bleach
2 Compared to a leading alkaline laundry system in a 50-cycle test
3 Survey conducted June-Oct. 2011


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