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New Total Care™ Line Features A Protective Fiber Complex That Keeps Clothes Looking Beautiful Even After 50 Washes

Friday, August 1, 2008 4:16 pm EDT


Cincinnati, OH
"Women are often frustrated with how the aging of their favorite clothes can seem inevitable and have been searching for ways to sustain the newness of their fabrics. New Tide Total Care and Downy Total Care will help them do that."

They say that true beauty defies age. Now the makers of Tide® and Downy® have come up with a way to help preserve and protect your beautiful clothing over time. Introducing Tide® Total Care™ and Downy® Total Care™, two new products that go beyond cleaning and softening to help maintain the color and shape of fabrics. By combining the best of Beauty and Fabric Care technologies to help maintain the beauty of clothes, Tide and Downy Total Care are elevating the standard of care to an inspiring new realm: Fashion Care.



Fashion and clothing play an essential role in shaping a woman’s personal identity as well as how she is perceived by others. A recent study found that eight in ten women say clothing is very important to them…and to their confidence.[1] However, the everyday wear and care process can leave fabrics looking dull, misshapen, and worn, putting her confidence and self esteem at risk.

"Maintaining and enhancing the beauty of skin and hair have long been an intimate part of women’s beauty routines, but they’ve lacked the ability to devote the same intimate attention to their ‘second skin’ – their clothes," said Alex Tosolini, General Manager, P&G Fabric Care. "Women are often frustrated with how the aging of their favorite clothes can seem inevitable and have been searching for ways to sustain the newness of their fabrics. New Tide Total Care and Downy Total Care will help them do that."


Procter & Gamble researchers have identified four of the most significant factors that contribute to fabric damage, causing clothing to lose its new look and feel.

Wash Water Contamination: Water contaminants like chlorine, calcium and magnesium cause physical abrasion by adding rough surface texture to cotton fibers. This surface texture can increase fiber damage when they rub together in the wash and wear process.

Dye Fading: Color fading is caused by the reaction of chlorine ions with the chromophores of the different dyes and pigments present in fabrics.

Fiber Abrasion: Abrasion weakens the fibers of clothes and is responsible for fading and the formations of pills and fuzz. It also reduces fabric’s ability to retain or restore original shape.

Fabric Deformation: Stress exerted on garments as they are stored or worn can cause permanent deformation, negatively affecting fit.


“We worked for almost five years with our colleagues in Beauty from around the world to take the science and technology from some of our best Beauty Care products and adapt them to elevate the clothing care experience,” said Chris Boeckerman, Global Care R&D Leader, P&G Fabric Care.

The Total Care line includes the proprietary Protective Fiber Complex that provides incredible care for beautiful clothes. Components include:

 - Silicone: Derived from ingredients used in a variety of beauty products, the silicone technology found in Tide and Downy Total Care helps combat the aging of fabrics. These silicones were adapted to perform within the wash cycle through a lubricating technology that reduces abrasion between fibers and helps protect color and shape of garments.

Polymer: In the wash process, this deposition aid forms a chemical complex known as a coacervate to help keep the silicones from washing away. The coacervation mechanism acts as a net, capturing other care ingredients and bringing them down to the surface of the fabrics for maximum effect.

Chlorine scavengers: This technology helps maintain bright colors and prevent dyes from fading away by neutralizing chlorine in the wash water that typically bleaches the color out over time.


Tide Total Care’s 7 Signs are the difference between just clean and clean and beautiful clothes. P&G researches looked to the signs of aging in beauty to develop Tide Total Care’s benefits:

1. Cleans thoroughly

2. Protects colors

3. Preserves shape

4. Maintain finish

5. Enhances softness

6. Prevents pills

7. Fights stains 


To help women keep that first wear love alive, P&G researchers set out to develop a fabric enhancer that helps protect the “newness” of clothing so women can put their best look forward. Downy Total Care’s core benefits are softness and freshness, with the added benefits of shape and color retention. Although not designed to only work as a regimen, when used together, Tide and Downy Total Care benefits are even stronger than with Tide Total Care alone.

Tide Total Care and Downy Total Care will be available nationwide in August 2008 for the suggested retail price of $6.99 for 20 loads and $5.49 for 48 loads, respectively. Actual prices are at the sole discretion of individual retailers.

For more information about Tide Total Care visit www.tidetotalcare.com and for information about Downy Total Care visit www.downytotalcare.com.

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[1] 2001 study by The National Network for Women’s Employment and the Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association