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We appreciate your suggestion! While our PODS™ need to be kept secure away from possible moisture, we u… https://t.co/UPCDgK7fka-12 hours 19 min ago
We'll be sure to share your feedback with our team. We want to make sure we're always providing ou… https://t.co/p6Ay0WuavR-14 hours 11 min ago
We’d love a chance to see how you’re doing and also help with that Tide, as safety is very important… https://t.co/ppKadbk9T2-17 hours 1 min ago
We're sorry you're unhappy with the change made to our Original formula, and we'd like to help get your l… https://t.co/sc2l8D2fTv-17 hours 2 min ago
It's our pleasure. If we can help further, we hope you'll let us know.-17 hours 8 min ago

“Clothes can make you feel powerful.” Haley Elizabeth Anderson #HaleyAnderson | The Queen Collective brought to you by the new Studio by Tide.
Studio by Tide | Power the Clothes that Empower You
about 3 weeks 5 days ago